Canadian Red Cross shares key learnings from the Home Care Safety Falls Collaborative

​​In late 2015, the Canadian Patient Safety Institute, the Canadian Home Care Association and the Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement launched the Home Care Safety Falls Collaborative. Organizations providing care in the home participated in a series of online virtual meetings and received individualized coaching and support to prevent falls in the home. Teams from the Canadian Red Cross, Eastern Health, Saint Elizabeth Health Care, VHA Home HealthCare and the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority participated in the six-month Collaborative. In this article, The Canadian Red Cross shares their key learnings from the Collaborative.

The Canadian Red Cross (Ontario Community Health & Wellness programs) used a two-prong approach in setting the goals they wanted to achieve as it relates to the Home Care Safety Falls Collaborative. One of their measures focused on a specific targeted client population at high risk for falls and the other was to develop a service planning tool related to the outcome of the InterRAI Community Health Assessment (CHA), which is a standardized tool that is a mandated requirement of all Ontario community support service programs.

“The Service Planning Tool helps frontline workers to identify action items that engage both the client and the caregiver in the care process, and promotes the understanding that clients and/or their caregivers have a responsibility to be actively involved in their care,” says Jody Hales, Director of Quality Assurance & Risk, Canadian Red Cross Community Health & Wellness programs. “It is not just about providing a service; the client and/or their caregiver need to be engaged, and take on a role of responsibility as it relates to their own well-being.”