Home-Based Palliative Care

Building Operational Excellence

Home-Based Palliative Care

Building Operational Excellence

What is the project about?

Supported through a health funding contribution agreement from Health Canada, this 19-month project builds on The Way Forward: An Integrated Palliative Approach to Care by identifying innovative operational practices to address specific service gaps and improve the quality, efficiency and accessibility of home-based palliative care.

Why is it needed?

The project is a catalyst to improving operational infrastructure in home-based palliative care and enhancing access to better home care as outlined in the Common Statement of Principles on Shared Health Priorities, federal, provincial, and territorial governments.

What will the project address?

Through a collaborative engagement approach, the project will:

  • Explore opportunities for operational process improvement in home-based palliative care, specifically in:
    – assessment and care planning,
    – inclusion of advance care plans into care delivery,
    – management of equipment supplies and medication,
    – effective communication strategies and tactics.
  • Identify and promote operational innovations in delivering home-based palliative care.
  • Engage and facilitate collaboration with policy-makers, providers, patients and caregivers.
  • Support the application of evidence-informed operational practices in home-based palliative care

This project has been made possible by a health funding contribution agreement from Health Canada.
The views expressed herein do not necessarily represent the official policies of Health Canada.

This project looks at palliative and end-of-life care provided in a person’s home. It explores ways to improve the operational process in home-based palliative care in four key areas.

Operational Innovations in Home-Based Palliative Care

Successful innovations featured at the 2018 CHCA Home Care Summits in Charlottetown PEI (Oct 1 & 2) and Vancouver BC (Oct 21 & 22).

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